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 data recovery

The hard disk

The hard drive is the mechanical part of your PC used to store data permanently.

The hard disk is made up of superimposed plates whose surface is magnetized. Reading and writing are done through heads articulated on an arm.

A mechanical or electrical element can eventually be defective or broken which may cause data loss.

Data Recovery service offers you to repair this failure in order to recover your data. We work on all brands and all types of hard disk:

Brands of hard disk :

Types of hard disk :

  • IDE / ATA
  • Serial ATA (SATA)
  • SCSI
  • USB
  • Firewire
  • ...
Recover your hard disk
Recover your hard disk
Recover your hard disk

Areal density

This is the link between the quantity of information and the surface used to store it. The big brands (usually american) call this: Max Areal Density (Gbits / sq inch).

Link between density per platter and Areal density :
- Dp = Density per platter
- Ad = Areal density
- A = Total area of a platter side
Ad = (( Dp / 2) / A) * 8
A is roughly worth 5,45 (sq inch) for a 3,5" hard disk. Dp is denominated in bytes, so we must multiply it by 8 to obtain bits.

Areal density calculus for a IBM HDD GXP75 series :
Every hard disk from this serie have a platter density of 15 Go, so the areal density is worth :
Ad = (( 15 / 2) / 5,45) * 8 = 11 (Gbits / sq inch).